BMW 2002 restomod stops by Jay Leno’s Garage

The BMW New Class of automobiles are a group of wonderful boxy beauties. This is the generation of car built between 1962 and 1977 that’s given us the BMW 2002, which remains a cherished part of any BMW fan’s dream car garage. The New Class cars included the 1500, 1800, 1600, and the 2000 models, the last of which spawned the 2002. All of these cars are getting harder to find for sale in good shape, because the good ones are getting snatched up and poor examples will require a fair amount of cash to set them right. This 1976 2002 is an excellent example, and it’s been modified in a tasteful manner.

Built by the Bavarian Workshop, the car was created for a customer who wanted to see their father’s car restored. This 2002 sat for many years, but it was in good shape, so it proved to be a great platform for improvement. Marc Norris, the builder, doubled the horsepower you’d see from the engine when it left the factory by installing a more modern 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine. A 5-speed manual helps the car keep the revs down at highway speeds.

In an effort to turn this car into essentially what BMW might’ve built if it had created a 2002 M2, Norris and his team made extensive suspension modifications, widened the track, added a strut brace, changed to 5-lug wheels, and installed Wilwood brakes.

Inside, Norris added seats from a newer BMW 320i recovered in nappa leather, finished out the trunk, and laid down Dynamat to quell some of the noise.

As per his usual practice, Jay takes the car for a spin, and has a grand ol’ time. With more power to go with the light weight of this classic car, it has to be a fun ride.

The exterior looks perfect and the cabin space is in amazing shape. This is truly a beautiful example of one of BMW’s all-time greats.

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