BK Racing reportedly had its haulers on the brink of being repossessed

A Cup Series team insists it will make Daytona despite the latest report of serious financial issues
Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

BK Racing has started the new year under some controversy.

According to Adam Stern of the Sports Business Journal, there were rumors that BK Racing is in the middle of a bank loan issue and had its haulers repossessed. Team owner Ron Devine said the haulers weren’t repossessed and he still expects the team to be on the track at Daytona, but there are clearly some issues going on with the team.

This isn’t the first issue the team has had in recent months.

BK Racing CMO Doug Fritz left the team in late October, and crew chief Doug Richert just announced he was leaving the team.

BK Racing is also embroiled in a lawsuit over who owns the charter that Front Row purchased from BK in 2017.  Union Bank & Trust  alleges that BK Racing owes it $9.1 million on a loan that also included two charters as collateral. The bank claims it has the rights to the charter for BK Racing’s No. 83 car.

There has been plenty of change for the team, but they still plan to race at Daytona. It’s not official that they’ll be on the grid for the February race, so this is a situation worth monitoring in the next month.

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