This is basically an all-new McLaren F1 for sale at $24M

1995 McLaren F1 for sale at Bonhams auction

You missed your chance to buy the McLaren F1 when it was originally sold in the 1990s. All 106 examples were built between the years 1992 and 1998, and each of them cost colossal sums of money and remain, much to the chagrin of the similar-era Jaguar XJ220, the poster child for all things hypercar.

Last year, a never-registered example was listed for sale and you likely missed out on that one too. Well, today’s your lucky day because someone in Germany is ready to part with an extremely low-mileage example, though the seller isn’t prepared to depart with the car unless you front up $24 million.

Listed for sale on German classifieds website , the silver example was born in 1996. It shows just 3,500 kilometers on the odometer. That translates to just over 2,100 miles.

McLaren F1 for sale in Germany

On your average car, that would be considered essentially new. On a McLaren that’s not quite the case, but considering the level of care required to maintain such a vehicle it should mean that this F1 is in the same sort of shape it was when it left the factory.

Unfortunately, the listing is short on details and quality photos, but the car resembles the version shown main. Unfortunately, we can’t verify much more as it pertains to the specific McLaren F1 up for sale. The listing could simply be a feeler to see what sort of interest might be out there. Still, if you have a low-mileage F1 there’s interest out there amongst those who can afford to acquire such a machine.

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The $24 million asking price may feel a bit high, but the secondary supercar market ceiling is a hard thing to find since it seems to never stop climbing ever higher. The highest known figure paid for an F1 is the $15.6 million dropped on the first street-legal example in the United States at an auction last year.

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