Austin Dillon pays homage to Dale Sr. with burnout after win

Austin Dillon pays tribute 20 years after Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s first and only Daytona 500 victory
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Austin Dillon had a win for the ages at Daytona.

And, he did it in the No. 3, some 20 years after Dale Earnhardt Sr. won the Great American Race.

So it’s fitting that, after the race, he paid homage to the Intimidator by duplicating the burnout from his win.

“It is so awesome to take the No. 3 car back to victory lane, 20 years ago. This one is for Dale Earnhardt Sr. and all those senior fans. i love you guys we’re gong to keep kicking  butt the rest of the year.”

What a win, all the way around.

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