Andy Lally calls out teammate for being “reckless”

This is not only low, but stupid and dangerous.

Sage Karam, racing in the WeatherTech Sports Car Championship race at Virginia International, wanted to keep his position so badly that he started brake checking Katherine Legge. Check it out.

Legge’s car was badly damaged, with the hood of her car flying up.

It’s clear stupidity, but after the race Karam tried to claim dirty tires were to blame.

Still, his own teammates Andy Lally was having none of that nonsense. He called him out — and good for him.

You started it kid. Playing chicken on the straight? I love that game. You’re reckless everywhere you race. You will lose ON & OFF the track.

Karam ended up getting a 60-second penalty during the race, but really, that’s not near good enough.

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