This ad for a 1985 Corvette has to be a joke with an insane asking price

Something is only worth what someone is willing pay. A saying that rings true for just about anything and especially true with vintage or collectible cars. The 100,000 mile 1985 Corvette in question is neither of those.

At first glance, you assume this 1985 C4 Corvette listed on in Canada has to be something seriously special to justify its asking price of $1,350,000 CAN which is about $1,000,000 American dollars.
With this insane price, the term special would have to mean it was a one off Corvette designed by NASA and was packing a hand crafted engine block made entirely of diamond.


The ad looks a little odd as there are only four pictures and the description leaves a lot to be desired. It reads:

“Beautiful Little red corvette! 1985 Greenwood V8 professionally built! This car goes! Tires and rims worth a few thousand dollars alone. Automatic shift kit adds to the giddy up of the 500 plus horses under the hood! 500 plus you ask yes it is! The number wasn’t grabbed out of the air, that’s what the engine builders told me. Holley computerized fuel pump with laptop plus all the other work receipts have been kept. Car has to been seen and heard to appreciate! Call Bill at 289229061.”

The phone number is missing a number and, what’s a Holley computerized fuel pump? Also, mentioning a $75 shift kit in an ad for a 1 million dollar car is seriously taking up some valuable description real estate.

This ad has been up for about 6 weeks with no correction on price so either this is a total joke or this Canadian has been drinking way to much Labatt Blue. Here is the add, check out the monthly payment calculator!

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