2019 Ford Edge ST gets Sport mode with rev-matching feature

2019 Ford Edge ST

Ford’s performance line will grow to include the 2019 Edge ST this summer, and the automaker is really trying to amp up its family crossover.

The 2019 Edge ST will include a dedicated Sport mode with a rev-matching feature when downshifting the 8-speed automatic transmission, the automaker announced last Friday. The rev-matching feature compliments the standard paddle shifters. Drivers will find Sport mode integrated into the performance-oriented crossover’s rotary gear selector, and upon pressing “S,” things begin to change. Ford said the exhaust gains a louder bark, the throttle mapping becomes sharper, and the transmission will hold lower gears longer.

2019 Ford Edge ST Sport mode tachometer

The rev-matching system will automatically raise engine speed in preparation for quick downshifts, and quite frankly, it sounds like quite a bit of fun for a family-hauling crossover. In Sport mode, a tachometer will automatically join the digital instrument cluster, too.

At the heart of the Edge ST is Ford’s 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine, good for 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. The sporty crossover also earns a stiffer suspension tune, vented rear rotors, all-wheel drive, and optional summer performance tires wrapped around 21-inch wheels. A performance brake package with vented front rotors will be on the options list.

The Edge ST will also look the part. It will get a larger grille to cool that powerful engine, side skirts, dual-exhaust outlets, and those larger wheels and tires.

Ford has yet to price the Edge ST, but we’d expect the performance goods won’t be cheap.

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