2019 BMW M2 Competition leaked

2019 BMW M2 Competition leaked - Image via BMW Blog

Roundel fans, rejoice. While BMW is busy focusing on bringing more SUVs to the market, the M division still wants more performance options. By hook or by crook, the M folks seem to have snuck one past the money men: the M2 Competition.

Disguised prototypes have been out testing for a while but we finally have our first look at an unmasked version of the car. The has an image that reveals a portion of the car’s face.

The changes are subtle but include a wider grille and a larger opening for the intake under the headlight. We can also see for the first time the more aerodynamic M-style side mirror housing, which isn’t found on the stock M2 (shown below).

2018 BMW M2

The M2 Competition is expected to be revealed in April ahead of the start of production in July. This means we should see the car arrive in showrooms in the second half of the year, as a 2019 model.

The M division’s Competition cars represent the next step up from the standard M cars. This means there’s still room for even more hardcore M2 CS and M2 GTS models, should the green light be given.

In the case of the M2 Competition, word on the street is the car will swap out the stock M2’s 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 in favor of the unit found in the M3/M4. Code-named the S55, the engine benefits from a lighter crankshaft, stronger pistons, and a few other internal goodies. More importantly, it doubles up on the turbocharging and power rises to 425 horsepower, or 444 in M3/M4Competition form. We hear the M2 Competition will get a 405-hp version of the S55 engine, which is still a healthy boost over the stock M2’s 365 hp.

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