Monthly Archives: May 2017

Mercedes-AMG GT3 Edition 50 debuts, limited to 5 cars

This year is Mercedes-AMG's 50th, and the official tuner to Mercedes-Benz is celebrating the anniversary in a big way. The climax of the celebrations will be the unveiling of a new hypercar at September's 2017 Frankfurt auto show. Along the way, though, AMG is unveiling some special...

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How can the Nissan Titan brake quicker than a Mini?

A Nissan Titan weighs 5,811 pounds. A Mini Countryman weighs 3,629. The former requires a shorter distance to reach a complete stop from 60. Sounds crazy, but it's true, and Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained is here to, well, explain how the full-size pickup truck can out-brake a Mini...

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Vettel wins 2017 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel ended a 16-year drought for Ferrari at the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix by taking home victory at Sunday's race. It ended up being a one-two finish for the Prancing Horse as Kimi Räikkönen, who started on pole, crossed the finish line in second, just 3.145 seconds...

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