1933 Plymouth hot rod is a mean burnout machine

Hot rods are good for a couple of things: looking really cool, making the driver really cool, and doing cool things. They’re just downright cool.

One of those cool things hot rods do really well is performing incredibly smokey burnouts—this 1933 Plymouth sedan pulls the task off in spades.

The driver stopped by the headquarters of the Hoonigan crew to show off the creation and spill a bit of knowledge on how the car came to be. It actually began life as a movie car and was featured in “The Great Debaters,” a film from 2007 featuring Denzel Washington. Washington actually drove the Plymouth, too.

The car was completely stock and all original when the owner scooped it up, but now, as you can see, it’s had some things done to it—lots of things. Everything has been modified save for the actual shell of the car. The original drivetrain was sold off while a few other things—door handles, headlights, and trim—remain from the stock car. Under the hood is none other than a Hemi V-8 engine displacing 356 cubic inches. It’s finished to match the copper trim on the outside of the car.

Not only does this Plymouth look menacing, it sounds menacing. When the car fires up and reveals its choppy idle, everyone knows it means business. The burnout it performs is pretty fantastic, which quickly turns into a long donut session. You won’t be disappointed.

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